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Virtual office programs

Virtual office is a custom-made solution for businessmen’s current needs. OfficeOne offers the opportunity to have a physical office, meeting rooms, business address and customized phone answering in order to provide your business with a professional image without the expenses in a full time office. Your business may be more effective with an office style specially thought for your company. Greet your clients in a warm, professional environment, with the highest technology, without upfront investment nor fixed costs.


  • Reception of calls with the name of your company.
  • Call forwarding and voice mail.
  • Reception of correspondence.
  • Ask about our catering service.
  • Preferential rates on office supplies and mail.
  • Access to offices and meeting rooms.
  • Administrative and technical assistance upon request.

10 Hours per month
20 Hours per month
30 Hours per month
40 Hours per month